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A decorative pergola can create a beautiful retreat from which to enjoy your garden. A pergola is an open roofed shade area and often used to support vines, hanging baskets, creepers or other vegetation. A pergola can also be covered in shade cloth to provide added protection from the sun.

When carefully designed, a pergola can provide relief from the seering summer sun, but still allow the light to filter through in winter. A pergola can create an outdoor room or private courtyard to enjoy your garden all year round. Although shadecloths cannot block out rain, they are a very popular alternative to a covered verandah. Many different types of shadecloth are available.

Some houses dont have long overhanging eaves so your pergola can be really useful. By sheltering the house it helps keep your home cooler and may reduce air conditioning bills.

We help you design a pergola that suits your lifestyle, enquire now for an appointment.